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STAGE: The newest custom in-ears of ears4U!

Anyone on stage knows: better sound means better performance. That is why we at ears4U have reinvented the IEM. Only few people know that conventional in-ears have been elaborating on the same technology for years. We have rebuilt it again from scratch.

The STAGE is completely handmade, always has exactly the amount of drivers you need. Including a super tweeter that sounds clearer than ever. The result is a delight to the ear. Add to that, our exceptional build quality, personalized artwork and extensive service and you know: you'll never want anything else.

Stand out from the crowd. And take the STAGE!

in-ear monitors. reinvented.

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Choose your artwork

In-ear monitoring. We take it personal! At ears4U you have direct contact with the makers. And nothing is too crazy for us! Your initials, your own logo, a lot of bling or super smooth. We tailor make your in-ears to taste. So just tell us… how personalized do you want it?

“Examples? We have enough. Because we make everything ourselves. ”

Are you curious about the possibilities and examples?

Check out our artwork and socials. That way you can see what others chose. Nice as inspiration for your own creativity!

Check all possibilities in our art gallery