We're getting more and more popular and we stand out from the crowd . Admittedly, we are very happy with that. Because we also do it for our audience! Check out the experiences with Ears4U here.

3JS Lead singer Jan Dulles  about the usage of in-ears
ears4U for Jannes and his sound engineer. Delivered at his market place.
DJ act Kamara about using in-ears in the DJ scene
Have a look in the kitchen of ears4U
The tv program ‘proud of Gelderland’ payed us a visit.
De band Waylon performs with in-ears from ears4U. hear what he has to say about it
Will And The People playing acoustic songs while fitting in-ear monitors @ ears4U.
Custom made In-Ear Headphone. This is how we do it !!!
Creating awesome Custom In-Ear Monitors in just a few minutes. This is how we do it !!!