Service your in-ear monitors

Where people work diligently, things can go wrong. Whether on stage, on the road or during rehearsals. No worries. We. Got. Your. Back. Because everything is done under one roof, we can help you really quickly.

Not sure about the sound quality?
Do you experience interruptions or malfunctions?
Is the fit of your in-ears not as comfortable as before?
Or… do you have a series of gigs ahead and want to be ahead of discomfort?

Contact us and drop by. Repairs and maintenance are often so fast that you can wait for them. Of course you can also send in your in-ears. Whatever works for you!

Your in-ears will be:

  • Thoroughly cleaned
  • Acoustically Measured
  • Checked for malfunction and interruption

The costs are:

  • Service and acoustical measuring  €50,-
  • Adjustment in fit: €75,-
  • Adjustment in fit with new ear impressions: €100,- 
  • Intermittence and distortion : €75,-
  • New artwork on the faceplate: €75,-

All prices are ex VAT, with every service form your in-ears are acoustically measured and cleaned.