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Only few people know that conventional in-ears have been elaborating on the same technology for years.

We have reinvented them again from scratch. The STAGE is completely handmade, always with exactly the amount of drivers you need. Including a super tweeter that sounds clearer than ever.

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€ 935,00 ex VAT
€ 1131,35 in VAT
3-way system
Sound definition
Drivers 8 per side

For those who are ready for the next step. With extra attention for the low frequencies.

The STAGE 3.8 can be further personalized with artwork to your own taste. For the perfect fit, we would like to plan a listening session with you. You will then receive your STAGE 3.8 in a sturdy yellow Peli case by post within one week. Including a cleaning kit for maintenance. Naturally, we would also like to see you again afterwards for maintenance or possible adjustments, for example to your artwork.

Customize with colors, glitters and other materials: 

The standard colour for the STAGE is Beige or clear transparent. Personalize your in-ears even more by choosing your favorite colors!

  • Only the outside, incl. logo’s or initials € 40,00 ex VAT
  • Inside and outside, incl. logo’s of initials € 60,00 ex VAT


  • Swarovski € 30,00 ex VAT
  • Steampunk € 30,00 ex VAT