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Cue 3

For DJ's ears4U offers the in-ear headphones, which are fully handmade and have exceptional build quality. We create the perfect fit by the impression of your own ears. A better fit and seal do not exist! That of course, is extremely important if you don't want to be bothered by the sound of the PA.

The Cue series is delivered with:
• a sturdy replaceable cable
• a black Pelicase with your own name on it
• a cleaning set
• for all our in-ears goes: 3 months guarantee on the fit, 2 years on the quality

Choose your own sound and artwork. Whether you use them in the dj booth or on the road. Take control over what you hear with the best audio quality!

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€ 785,00 ex VAT
€ 949,85 in VAT
3-way system ✔️✔️✔️
Sound definition ✔️✔️✔️
Multi-bass -
Drivers 5 per side

The focus of the Cue 3 lays completely in the low frequencies. As much as we can possibly fit.

Two large multi-bass speakers focus on extra amplification of the low frequencies up to 300 Hz. Combined with two more Low/Mid speakers and one extra High speaker, the Cue 3 are the top of the bill in-ear monitors for DJ’s.

Customize with colors, glitters and other materials: 

The standard colour for the cue is Beige or clear transparent. Personalize your in-ears even more by choosing your favorite colors!.

  • Only the outside, incl. logo’s or initials € 40,00 ex VAT
  • Inside and outside, incl. logo’s of initials € 60,00 ex VAT


  • Steampunk € 30,00 ex VAT
  • Swarovski € 30,00 ex VAT