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Live 2.3

The Live is the in-ear monitor that we became known with in the music world. The Live is also completely handmade, with always exactly the amount of drivers you need. And with the build quality that we are so committed to with all our in-ears: they must be able to take a beating.
Experience the different models yourself and only then make your choice. The customization of your in-ears is then arranged quickly enough. So come and listen and discover what suits you. We look forward to welcoming you for a personal listening session!

We deliver the Live series with:
• a sturdy replaceable cable
• a black Peli-case with your name
• a cleaning kit
• as for all our in-ears: 2 year warranty and 3 month fit warranty

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€ 535,00 ex VAT
€ 647,35 in VAT
2-way system ✔️✔️
Sound definition ✔️✔️
Multi-bass -
Drivers 3 per side

The beginners version of the Live

The dynamics of these 2-way in-ears are overwhelming. Three separate drivers provide a beautiful full bass and clear high frequencies. The in-ears shape the music into a dynamic and calm whole.

Customize with colors, glitters and other materials: 

The standard colour for the Live is Beige or clear transparent. Personalize your in-ears even more by choosing your favorite colors!

  • Only the outside, incl. logo’s or initials € 40,00 ex VAT
  • Inside and outside, incl. logo’s of initials € 60,00 ex VAT


  • Steampunk € 30,00 ex VAT
  • Swarovski € 30,00 ex VAT